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Breed of the Week

Cat Breed of the Week: Bengal


Bengals are intelligent and curious, and often show great loyalty to their owners, making them the purrfect pet! These exotic-looking felines are the result of a cross between domestic cats and Asian leopard cats, and as a result, have kept their beautiful wild spotted coats. The coats can either have rosette or marble markings, and they brown or snow colours.

The main difference you will find between a Bengal and a domestic cat is that Bengals love water! So if you have a Bengal and you’re hoping to have a nice, relaxing bath, you might want to make sure to keep the door shut! Bengals are also more agile than domestic cats – they are very active and can jump heights of up to 8 feet.


The breed came about in an official capacity when an American scientist was researching Asian leopard cats’ immunity to feline leukemia, and began to breed them with domestic cats. They were officially recognised as a cat breed in 1983.

Bengals can be a bit mischievous sometimes, and have a very loud meow! So it is important to interact with them a lot, or to give them toys to keep them occupied. For these reasons, they are probably not best suited to an inexperienced or nervous cat owner.

Feature image via @paco_the_bengal on Instagram.

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