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20 Cats Falling Asleep in Strange Places


Cats spend an average of 15 hours a day sleeping, so it’s unsurprising that sometimes they find an odd spot to drop off. Here are 20 of our favourite comatose kitties from around the internet!

1. In a planter

2. On a dryer

3. In a boot

4. In a bigger boot

5. On Off a sofa

6. Catching a mouse

7. In the food bowl

8. On a window sill

9. In amongst the parsley

10. In a cup holder

11. In a washing machine?!

12. In a plant pot

13. On a comfortable cage

14. On top of a cosy printer

15. On a bookshelf

16. Guarding the water bottles

17. On a desk, cozied up to some pens

18. In a sink – don’t turn the tap on!

19. On a door

20. Erm, WHAT?!

Featured image via The Telegraph.

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