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Beautiful Joe’s: The story behind the ethical dog treats


If you’ve ever bought one of our monthly PawPost boxes for your pooch, you will probably be familiar with Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. These tasty treats are handmade in Wiltshire and only contain air-dried ox liver guaranteed to make your pooch go crazy for them! Even better, for every packet of Beautiful Joe’s treats sold, another is given to a dog in need.

But there’s more to the name than meets the eye. The company was named after a real dog called Beautiful Joe, who lived in Canada in the 1890’s, and became the subject of a popular book by Margaret Saunders. Beautiful Joe was brutally abused by his owner, a farmer who cruelly cut off the ears and tail of the dog. Luckily, a local man, named Walter Moore, rescued the dog and took him into his home, almost certainly saving Joe from a painful death.

Author, Margaret Saunders, heard the story a couple of years later, from her sister-in-law, who happened to be the daughter of the man who had saved Joe. She was so moved by the tale that she promptly wrote what was to become a bestselling novel, under the pseudonym of Marshall Saunders, and Beautiful Joe went on to become symbolic of animal rescue. Today, a memorial statue of the dog is located at the entrance to the park named in his honour.

A bronze sculpture of Beautiful Joe that sits at the entrance to Beautiful Joe Park in Meaford, Canada

You might have noticed that we like to include Beautiful Joe’s Treats in our PawPost boxes every now and again. This is because we know dogs love them, and because it means that for each packet we send out, a free one is given to a dog in need. We’ve chosen the donations from our purchases to go to our friends at All Dogs Matter, who rescue and re-home dogs in and around London.

Beaut Joe

To find out more about Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats, visit their website here.

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