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Breed of the Week

Cat Breed of the Week: Scottish Fold

Scottish fold

Known for their characteristic “folded” ears, the Scottish Fold has taken the internet (and our hearts) by storm. Their adorably round faces have made them popular pets. All Scottish Folds are descended from a single cat named Susie, who was found on a farm in Scotland, in 1961.

The “folded” ears the breed is named after are not seen in all Scottish Folds, but where they do occur, they are caused by a gene mutation which affects the ear cartilage, and other cartilage throughout the body. This can lead to painful degenerative joint problems in later life, and is worth bearing in mind if you are considering getting a Scottish Fold.

In addition to their owl-like faces, another of the Scottish Fold’s cute traits is its favourite sitting position. They can often be seen sitting with their back legs stretched out in front of them and with their front paws resting on their belly.

Several Scottish Folds have found internet fame, including Maru the Cat, Instagram star Little P, and Taylor Swift’s cats, Olivia and Meredith.


It feels like one of those nights…

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Scottish Folds are very playful and affectionate, and love human interaction. As a result, they can get lonely when left alone for long periods, and therefore will prefer to live in a household where they can expect lots of cuddles and attention!

Featured image via @baconcup.

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