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How 3D Printing Has Changed One Dog’s Life


What happens when a piece of ground-breaking technology is applied to help an animal? One 3D printing company decided to find out, and the results have been life-changing for Derby the dog!

Derby was born with deformed front limbs meaning that, without assistance, he has huge difficulty moving about. Having lived in a dog shelter, he was eventually fostered by Tara Anderson, a director at a 3D printing company.

Initially, Derby had used a cart to take on the function of his front legs, but the wheels didn’t give him the right range of movement, and got in the way too much when he was trying to play with other dogs. Luckily, Tara was able to use her 3D printing skills and contacts to create a much more comfortable and more suitable alternative for Derby.


With the help of a team of designers (and a 3D printer), a bespoke pair of prosthetic legs were created, and Derby took to them like a fish in water! Now, Derby has finally found a forever home, after he was adopted by Sherry and Dom Portanova, and runs 2-3 miles every day with his new owners.


Watch the full heart-warming video below:

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