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Breed of the Week

Cat Breed of the Week: Devon Rex


The Devon rex has also been known as the “pixie cat” or “alien cat”, thanks to its uncommonly large ears and short fur. The breed actually came about naturally, as opposed to being the result of human intervention, and they were first discovered in (you guessed it!) Devon, in 1960.

Most cats have three layers to their fur: the guard hair, the awn hair and the down hair. Devons are unusual because they have very little guard hair. This means that they appear less fluffy, and that their fur is softer than other cats’. While cats can never be truly hypo-allergenic, many people with cat allergies find that they are not so badly affected around Devons, possibly thanks to the fact that they have less hair than other cats.

As far as personalities are concerned, Devons are incredibly affectionate and love human contact, and they will often choose one favourite member of the family to latch on to and follow around the house. They love to snuggle up to their family, and will even happily curl up asleep with a dog or any other pet.

But if there’s one thing a Devon rex loves more than cuddles, it’s getting up into a high place. Devon owners will have to watch out for their moggy sitting on top of shelves and cupboards, climbing up curtains, and generally getting up to mischief!

Even though she's still very small, my little girl is getting so grown up!

A photo posted by Navi the devon rex (@hello.navi) on

Devons are mischievous creatures, and can get into trouble at times, but they make for loving and attentive pets, and make a perfect addition to any family.

Featured image via @xo.osx.

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Philippa & Daisy

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