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Glamour Paws – Rescue dogs recreate iconic magazine covers


Usually the covers of glossy magazines are reserved for supermodels and celebrities, but one Polish advertising agency is giving shelter dogs the opportunity to live the high life, with a series of magazine-themed photographs. Advertising agency, Ostrosiostro, started the campaign, called Po Psu Ta Moda, to help change perspectives of stray dogs in Poland, and to help raise money for Polish dog shelters.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, the founder of the campaign, Pawel Cichon, said: “Fashion and celebrities define beauty. We wanted to take a little bit of that and change people’s perspective on shelter animals. We were sick of charity campaigns which showed shelter dogs sad and miserable. It is visually appealing and beautiful so you won’t scroll it and forget about it like in a normal charity campaign. We think that fashion can help those who are less fortunate.”

Here are some more of our favourite photos from the campaign:

To find out more about the cause and to see more of the photos, visit the Po Psu Ta Moda website here.

All images via Po Psu Ta Moda.

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Philippa & Daisy

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