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10 Gadgets For The Tech-Savvy Pet


From self-cleaning litter boxes to intelligent toys, here are ten of our favourite high-tech gadgets to make your and your pet’s lives easier.

1. Pavlovian puppy potty trainer, $99.95

Having trouble potty training your pup? This gadget helps you treat and train your puppy that is getting to grips with the whole toilet training thing. Once used, the mat will detect moisture and send a wireless signal to the treat dispenser to deliver a treat to your pooch to encourage good toilet training. It’s available here.

2. Microchip-Activated Cat Flap, £88.99

If your home is frequented by uninvited feline intruders encroaching on your cat’s territory, fear not, your solution may be here! This innovative cat flap is only unlocked when it senses your cat’s microchip, preventing unwanted visitors from being able to get in to your house. Available from Petporte.

3. iFetch, £99.99


Perfect for cases where your doggy is more energetic than you are, the iFetch allows you to sit back and relax while your pooch runs around chasing mini tennis balls. Simply train your dog to drop the ball into the bowl at the top of the device, and watch it come shooting out of the front! Find it here.

4. Whistle activity monitor, $79.95

This health tracker will track how your dog functions on a day to day basis. Over longer period of time it’ll detect trends and will alert you when there’s a sudden change in behaviour. This device is a good way of detecting illnesses before they get worse and the data collected could also be sent to your vet. You can get it here.

5. Dyson Groom Tool, £40

Finally, an answer to all our pet hair-related problems! Simply connect the attachment to a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and get brushing! While dead skin is sucked up by the hoover straight away, hair is caught in the bristles of the comb, which can be cleaned at the click of a button! Find it here.

6. Petly Automatic Feeder, ‎¥29,500 (£159)

With its sleek, minimal design, the Petly is functional without cluttering up your home. Using the simple dial to change settings, you can control the time intervals and amount of food dispensed by the Petly, allowing you to carefully monitor your cat’s eating habits. To purchase or find out more, visit the website.

7. Woof washer 360, $63.66

Sometimes it’s difficult to get our pets clean after all the muck they play in. The woof washer is for any tech savvy owner that wants all 360 degrees of their pet clean.  The ring gently sprays your dog and it also allows you to put in any extra shampoo into the ring.  There are two modes, suds and rinse, which allow you to make bath time for your dog easy. This great gift can be found here.

8. Littermaid Self-cleaning Litterbox, £93.99

Emptying your cat’s litter tray is gross, so why not let a robot do it for you! The Littermaid uses motion sensor to sense when your cat uses the tray, then waits 10 minutes before bringing an automatic rake through the litter and scooping out any clumps into a hidden tray. Available here.

9. Wahl Pet Nail Grinder, £20

To take some of the stress out of nail cutting, the Wahl nail grinder works to file away your pets nails or claws without risk of shattering them or causing pain. It comes with various attachments, meaning that it is versatile, and really good if you want to use it on more than one of your pets. Find it here.

10. Shru, $79

Billed as a companion for cats that are too smart for toys, the Shru is designed to mimic the movements and sounds of a small animal – perfect for keeping your moggy entertained, especially while you’re busy. It reacts as soon as a cat begins to play with it, and has multiple play modes to choose from. Pre-order it here.

Featured image via Kickstarter.

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