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For Dog Lovers Work We Love

Work We Love: Vanessa Ion


What do you buy the dog lover who has everything?
Don’t fret, we’ve got an unexpected and delightful answer for you: a bespoke handmade egg cosy created in the likeness of their favourite pooch! And where, you ask, would one find such a quirky and wonderful object? Look no further, we’ve got your girl!


Sydney based artist, Vanessa Ion knows exactly how to translate a dogs charm and good looks into an adorable, crocheted, finger-puppet sized version. Drawing inspiration from artists such as John Tenniel, illustrator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Ion sympathises with his approach to depicting animals. “I love his anthropomorphic take on animals.”, says Ion. “I unintentionally personify my pets, imagining they can think like a human, although I reckon my cat, Eddie, thinks and dreams only of food…pretty much like me then!”

ion2 dog ion5

Taught to crochet by her mum a decade ago, Ion has an organic and laid back method to her craft: “When I make my crocheted creatures, I make up the pattern as I go, pulling out stitches and redoing it until it takes shape. I do this while watching shows like Seinfeld and The Mighty Boosh, stopping for a slurp of coffee here and there.”


Though drawn to Australian mohair and the authentic fur-like quality it brings to her animal cosies, Ion’s wool stash is vast and varied; sourced from wide ranging places, including from other peoples unwanted supplies which she sources at the local market. “My shelves are like a painter’s palette, stuffed with all the colours I could ever need. I use buttons for the eyes for that handmade look; I love how different buttons give different expressions.”

We’ve already ordered ours! If you’d like to order one in time for the holidays, visit Ion’s website or email her at! (Egg Cosies cost £18 including shipping, and are ready to post from Sydney in 2-3 weeks from your order date)


Vanessa very kindly made a pair of egg cosies featuring PawPost’s very own Oscar and his best pal Brody!
Here they are in real life…

…And here they are, immortalised in hand-crocheted wool!^1C481E2DEAE18A04D860E55529EE948719329D5069488D07B1^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^666D030C634D40CE4CF3C0820149466F8DD22838CBA342DA3E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^200FD49526F280662557005F824032373638DF32983097365F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

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Lupe & Oscar

Lupe & Oscar

Lupe Sanchez is co-founder and product specialist at PawPost. She and her cantankerous, but utterly loveable pooch, Oscar, trawl the pet communities in both London and LA to bring you tasty tidbits about canine culture, products they love, and general pet related goodness.


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