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Instagrammer We Love: @toastmeetsworld


Meet Toast, the toothless Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is taking the fashion world by storm! With publications such as Teen Vogue, Allure Korea and Lucky magazine under her belt, Toast is certainly a high flier, but still does her bit for charity to end the practice of puppy farming.

Toast was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011 and, as a result of her poor treatment, all of her teeth were rotten and had to be removed. This is the reason for her iconic floppy tongue. According to her owner, Joshua Onassis, ‘her tongue is like Cindy Crawford’s mole, like Jennifer Lopez’s butt; it’s a special trait that separates her from all other dogs, that makes her an icon.’

Even though Toast is living the high life, she hasn’t forgotten her roots, and can often be found participating in campaigns against the cruel practice of puppy farming, to try and help stop other dogs from being neglected in the same way. Toast now lives in NYC with her canine sisters, Underpants and Muppet, who are both puppy mill rescues as well.


Here are a few of our favourite snaps from Toast:

Sunday Blues come early…

A photo posted by TOAST MEETS WORLD™ (@toastmeetsworld) on

It's Friday and I DO WHAT I WANT!!

A photo posted by TOAST MEETS WORLD™ (@toastmeetsworld) on

Major candy haul tonight! Do I HAVE to share with @muppetsrevenge?!? #HappyHalloween #candycoma

A photo posted by TOAST MEETS WORLD™ (@toastmeetsworld) on

To keep up to date with the antics of Toast and her friends, follow her on Instagram at @toastmeetsworld.

Featured image via Toast Meets World.

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