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Kitten Therapy: Video from Soulpancake shows us how to de-stress with kittens!

An exclusive interview from PawPost!

PawPost loves SoulPancake. After all, who can resist a tasty dose of uplifting, life affirming content? Not us! The inspiring team at SoulPancake offer heartfelt, compelling and positive videos on tap. Their content runs the gamut: art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality, humour and PETS! Here’s one of our favourite SP pet related videos alongside a PawPost exclusive interview with SoulPancake’s animal-loving CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi.

Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

PP: How did you come up with this idea? Who/what inspired you? 
SM: We were approached by Purina Tidy Cats to create content that reminded women with cats about why their pets were important. We quickly realized that pets provide a lot of stress relief, and the idea was born!

PP: What is your personal relationship to cats?
SM: I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but my roommate in grad school had two cats, and I was their sitter a lot, so I came to understand their quirks and more independent personalities.


PP: How does the sheer presence of an animal create a sense of calm?
SM: I think animals remind us of nature and the earth and ourselves at our simplest, and there’s something calming about our connection with these creatures.

PP: Do you think people in this age of technology, consumerism, and social media indulgence need animals more than ever before in history?
SM: Absolutely. We are so connected to devices that are composed of metal parts and wires and chips. But in being so connected to technology, we sometimes forget how to connect with other humans and with animals. When your pet curls up next to you, it can remind you to take a moment and just be present with those that are around you.

To find out more about SoulPancake, or to watch more uplifting videos, visit their website here.


Shabnam Mogharabi is the CEO of SoulPancake, actor Rainn Wilson’s award-winning media and entertainment company, based in Los Angeles, that creates inspiring content about the human experience, where she is responsible for overseeing the team that develops more than 35 hours of video content annually with 210M+ views for distribution via digital and traditional platforms.


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Lupe & Oscar

Lupe & Oscar

Lupe Sanchez is co-founder and product specialist at PawPost. She and her cantankerous, but utterly loveable pooch, Oscar, trawl the pet communities in both London and LA to bring you tasty tidbits about canine culture, products they love, and general pet related goodness.

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