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Work We Love: Bread and a Dog


Most dog owners – or cat owners for that matter – will be familiar with the longing gaze of a greedy pet hoping to get a taste of the food being served at the dining table. But Japanese food stylist Natsuko Kuwahara has gained Instagram popularity, and now a book deal, by taking photographs of her dog doing just this.

© Natsuko Kuwahara

Natsuko, who lives in Tokyo, adopted her dog Kipple almost a decade ago after spotting her picture on a dog rescue website. Through her photographs, Natsuko hopes to capture the charm of a cross-breed dog, and to help raise the profile of adopting dogs from rescue shelters as opposed to buying them in a pet shop, which is the most popular practice for prospective dog owners in Japan.

© Natsuko Kuwahara

The book, Bread and a Dog, contains 100 of Natsuko’s photographs, showing Kipple sitting beneath the table, hoping to grab a morsel of Natsuko’s daily breakfasts. Accompanying these are recipes to some of the delicious meals photographed, including banana coconut muffins and black sesame pancakes.

© Natsuko Kuwahara

Even though dogs are best off not to eat food containing grains, Natsuko confesses that Kipple’s favourite food is bread. Speaking to Phaidon, she said, “Eating too much bread is not good for a dog’s health… When I feed Kipple bread, I give her only a little piece of it”. To make up for the lack of baked goods in Kipple’s life, she now has a baguette-shaped toy!

© Natsuko Kuwahara

Natsuko’s book, Bread and a Dog, is available now from Phaidon, but to get your daily dose of Kipple, follow their Instagram page @kwhr725.

Featured image via Natsuko Kuwahara.

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