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Rescue Dogs: A Beautiful Bunch

An exclusive interview from PawPost!

Celebrating rescue dogs and helping them to find loving homes is a top priority here at PawPost. In our endeavours to champion dogs in need, we have discovered some wonderfully creative and truly inspiring initiatives by our friends in the canine community across the globe. One of our favourite recent projects is Unleashed: 2016 Rescue Dog Calendar, by the Brisbane based photography studio, Darcy Starr. PawPost speaks to Sally Ogilvie, half of the duo behind this sensational project, about the inspiration behind the calendar.


PP: What was your personal motivation behind Unleashed?
: I guess we did this project as a way of doing something personal together (Jason Starr and I), as well as to fulfil a need to help dogs find a forever home. I have always wanted a dog since I was really little.  When we lived in the States our next door neighbour had the most peaceful Alsatian called zenna022Lenya, who was my best friend.  She would have been twice my size, but every day I would go over and walk her around the block.  She was such a wonderful being in my life that I can still remember how it felt when we left and moved to Australia. Those tears! After that I waited a long time to get a dog – making sure I could really handle the responsibility and workload.  We had been looking at rescue websites for about a year when we stumbled across Crinkle’s photograph.  I really wanted a dog who I could run with, so we were looking for an Australian working dog – either kelpie or cattle dog or border collie.  They are often in abundance in shelters because they really do need a crazy amount of exercise.gojira029 Anyway, I found Crinkle on a website in Cairns (about a 2.5 hour flight from my hometown in Brisbane), and Jason grabbed the phone and bought her on the spot. We had never even met her!!!!  It took about a week until they put her on a plane and we met her for the first time at the airport. Totally scary, but totally amazing!  Crinkle [in the top photo] was the best internet purchase EVER!  She’s now my constant companion and my best friend.
Living with us, Crinkle has it made.  She has totally landed on her feet and goes everywhere with us. We both work from home so we can spend as much time with her as possible.  She has an access all areas pass in our lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But it got me thinking that so many other dogs struggle to find their homes either through poor behaviour (not their fault) or bad marketing (a photo can really say so much), so we wanted to do something that would help other dogs like Crinkle.  So many of the people who follow me on _dsc1559Instagram have asked about a calendar and we were looking for a personal project to work together on so it seemed like a great fit. We don’t have a formal relationship with the RSPCA so we can keep our creative freedom, but 100% of the sales will be going straight to them. We have been so lucky to get our printing covered by Roi at AFX Digital, graphic design was donated by the fabulous Kate Dyer at Urban Safari, and our studio hire for free as well.  We paid for some flights to and accommodation in Sydney because there were a few super cute dogs down there that were crying to make it into the calendar. We couldn’t resist. (I’m looking at you Bea and Gulliver!)


PP: What do you hope to achieve through this beautifully shot calendar?
SO: The calendar is really to raise awareness that rescue dogs can make the best pets.  All it takes is love and commitment.  A couple of our models didn’t have such a great start in life, from Reggie the greyhound, to Rinpoche and Zenna, but look at them now!  So happy and the apple of their owners’ eyes. I often say to people that you make the dog, and then the dog makes you. Crinkle was a scared and lost 6 month old pup when we took a chance on her, and by pouring our love into her she has blossomed into the dog she was destined to become. And I like to think I am so much better for loving her. That was the constant theme of our shoots, how much these owners love their dogs and in turn, how much these dogs love their owners.


Act swiftly if you’d like to get your hands on a calendar, as they only have a limited run of 200! To purchase, follow the link below and visit their store at   

All images courtesy of Darcy Starr.


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Lupe & Oscar

Lupe & Oscar

Lupe Sanchez is co-founder and product specialist at PawPost. She and her cantankerous, but utterly loveable pooch, Oscar, trawl the pet communities in both London and LA to bring you tasty tidbits about canine culture, products they love, and general pet related goodness.

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