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Work We Love: Rosemary Goodenough


One of the most satisfying marriages is the one between art and design and canine culture. A favourite recent discovery that beautifully merges these two worlds are Rosemary Goodenough’s glorious Wooferchiefs.


Oscar and I had the pleasure of serendipitously meeting Rosemary while dining at one of our favourite French bistros, The Bleeding Heart, just around the corner from PawPost HQ. Oscar was donning a flea market bandana that I picked up for him a couple years back in Woodstock, NY. Both Oscar and I love this grungy old rag, but Rosemary had other ideas for my darling pooch. That evening she introduced us to her fantastically luxurious silk dog scarves. Truly lavish and decadent, these Wooferchiefs are only for the most spoiled, stylish and art savvy pooches. Oscar loves showing off new threads, and it was clear these sumptuous scarves were winners the moment I tied the first one around his tiny neck. These Wooferchiefs are the Hermes scarves of the dog world. I fear Oscar’s flea market schmutter will be parked in the closet now that he’s met Rosemary.

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We caught up with Goodenough to chat about her creative process and the inspiration behind the Wooferchiefs:

PP: Can you enlighten us on how you go about designing your beautiful silk pieces?
RG: The creative process starts with my original oil paintings. I digitally change the colours, which is a very interesting process, as although the composition remains true to the original by changing the colours the whole ‘feel’ of the artwork is altered.  The design process for the Wooferchiefs is exactly the same for all my other works. They are silk twill with black handrolled hems which denote the frame of a painting. A Wooferchief is of course the ultimate foulard for a pampered pooch!

PP: What inspired you to make a line of luxury scarves for dogs?
RG: I suggested to a very elegant French friend and her husband who have two adorable pooches that their dogs should wear my pocket squares as foulards et voila, the Wooferchief was born! One of their pampered pooches then became our first Woofer supermodel as you can see in our Lookbook.

See images from the Lookbook below, alongside PawPost’s own ginger beauty, Oscar, modelling a selection of our favourite Wooferchiefs.








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Lupe & Oscar

Lupe & Oscar

Lupe Sanchez is co-founder and product specialist at PawPost. She and her cantankerous, but utterly loveable pooch, Oscar, trawl the pet communities in both London and LA to bring you tasty tidbits about canine culture, products they love, and general pet related goodness.

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