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For Dog Lovers Instagrammers We Love

Instagrammer We Love: @dogsbestman


Truls Bakken, a freelance photographer from Bergen in Norway has caught our eager Instagram eye with his photos of dogs!

On his website, Bakken credits his interest in photographing dogs with his close relationship to his childhood pet: “Growing up I had older siblings, but they all moved out not long after I was born. The family dog, Robin the Bearded Collie, stepped into the role of my “older brother”, and I have loved dogs ever since.”

While he initially started the project with a focus on Irish Woolfhounds, it gradually expanded to include dogs of all shapes and sizes. In his portraits of dogs and people, Bakken says that the process revolves around the dog itself: “I tend to look for people that will complement the breed of dog I’m working on and then find a location based on this”.

Thanks to the ever expanding popularity of his photography (and his Instagram following!) Bakken is currently preparing for the first ever exhibition of his work in his hometown of Bergen.

Check out some more of our favourite posts from @dogsbestman:

Dina & Leah. #Greyhound

A photo posted by Truls Bakken (@dogsbestman) on

The Scottish Deerhound. #WeeklyFluff

A photo posted by Truls Bakken (@dogsbestman) on

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