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For Cat Lovers Instagrammers We Love

Instagrammer We Love: @ganddygram


Meet Gandalf, the travelling cat from California, who inspires the wanderlust in all of us with his adventures around the US!

Gandalf is a 2-year-old Siberian cat who loves adventures! He was adopted from a veterinary office by his owners in Seoul, South Korea, at the tender age of 5 weeks, suffering from a respiratory infection. Luckily though, little Gandalf was nursed back to health in no time, and shortly discovered his love of the great outdoors.

Since moving to California, Gandalf has become adored by his 23,000 Instagram followers, thanks to his habit for joining his owners as they hike their way around some of America’s most spectacular scenery. Speaking to Love Meowthey said, “he is an indoor only cat with the exception of leash time. We started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks. He loves it! He still gets the outdoor experience and we get to share in all of his adventures!”

And it seems as though Gandalf is more than willing to carry on his outdoor lifestyle: “he loves his leash! As soon as we pick it up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on. He is a travel bug.”

To date, Gandalf has visited two countries and embarked on an epic 3-month-long roadtrip across nine states, with highlights including visiting the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite (to name a few).

And as for the future? Gandalf and his family have their sights set on a move to New Zealand in 2016, so keep your eyes on his Instagram page to stay up to date with his adventures!

Here are some of our favourite photos from Gandalf:


To keep up to date with Gandalf’s adventures, follow him on Instagram at @ganddygram!

Featured image via @ganddygram.

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