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27 Pets Who Regret Their Life Choices


We all make mistakes sometimes…

1. This cat who underestimated the power of his human’s foot odour
2. The pug who now realises that playgrounds are for humans
3. The cat who is not a fan of bathtime
4. The puppy who played too hard
5. This cat who tried to sneak up on the wrong bird
6. The Dachshund who just realised that he’s afraid of heights
7. This corgi who does not feel the need for speed
8. The cat that just fell for the oldest trick in the book
9. This moggy who’s actually really afraid of the water
10. The pug who just found out that it’s called a cat tower for a reason
11. This tearaway puppy who just got caught red-handed
12. This moggy who thought he’d hitch a free ride
13. The pooch who was so terrified, he turned into a ballerina
14. This kitty who is literally drowning in sofa
15. The beagle that totally regrets asking for a cat
16. The cat in the hat (or tissue box)
17. This moggy who knows it’s already too late
18. This pup who’s too curious about coat hangers for his own good
19. The cat that thought a hedgehog would make a good cushion
20. The puppy whose ball was too small
21. And this pooch who might want to consider downsizing 
22. This cat who isn’t cut out for the cold
23. This little pup who lacks a certain grace
24. The dog who has made a terrible hammock blunder
25. This overconfident kitten
26. The little corgi who really struggles with the stairs
27. …And this cat who learnt the hard way that you should never take a nap inside the wing of a microlight!

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