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18 Super Stylish Collars for Your Dog


We’ve searched high and low to find 18 of our favourite collars so that you and your pooch can rule the runway (or the park!). From bright prints to classic leather, here are 18 trendy dog collars to suit every budget!

1. My McDawg, from £24.95

Made from Harris tweed with a moleskin lining, all the collars at My McDawg are inspired by Isla and Seamus the Cockerpoos.

2. Frida Firenze, £110.00Frida

These decadent leather collars are handmade at the Frida Firenze workshop in Tuscany, with extravagant jewels to truly pamper your pooch!

3. Hiro + Wolf, £30.00hiro

Featuring bright Kitenge fabric from Kenya, this collar is sure to add a bit of colour to your walk!

4. Wool & Dogs,  £27.00

Also available in pink and grey.

5. Cool Dog Club, £14.00

Practical without compromising on style, these collars are lightweight, super-strong and comfortable for your pooch.

6. Malucci, £95.00malucci

A collar for the glamorous hound! Made in Italian leather with Swarovski crystals and gems.

7. Hennessey & Sons, £39.00

Suit up with this Harris Tweed collar, made by Hennessey & Sons, who donate 2% of their annual turnover to the International Animal Rescue Foundation.

8. Feathers & Tails, £24.99

Floral = fun! Handmade in a classic Liberty of London fabric.

9. Meryn, from £75.00

Handmade in Oxfordshire, these collars can be personalised with your pup’s name for a truly original and bespoke piece!

10. Little & Large, £59.99

These handmade, hand-dyed collars will make the perfect summer accessory for your pooch!

11. Mutts & Hounds, £15.50mutts

The perfect accessory for only the most dapper of dogs!

12. SR! Dog Accessories, £115.00sr

Get your pooch ready for spring with this floral extravaganza!

13. Creature Clothes, £27.50

The perfect collar to brighten up a grey day!

14. Pear Tannery, from £11.99

This collar is made with padded leather to make it durable yet comfortable!

15. Liberty, from £75.00liberty

Made with a colourful Liberty print canvas backed onto leather, available in six different colours.

16. Ferplast, £10.00ferplast

Water-resistant, hypo-allergenic and easily adjustable, this colourful collar is perfect for the most adventurous pooch!

17. Barbour, £16.99

This offering from British brand, Barbour, is 100% leather with brass fittings.

18. Salt Dog Studios, from £16.99

Made from 100% organic hemp, these collars are machine-washable, and are available in twelve other colours!

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Philippa & Daisy

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