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For Cat Lovers Instagrammers We Love

Instagrammer We Love: @yoremahm


We’ve seen cats doing a lot of amazing things, from working in train stations, to commandeering a supermarket shelf, but we’ve never seen a cat taking a selfie… Until now.

Meet Manny the cat, who has been taking the internet by storm with his selfies, all posted to the Instagram account @yoremahm. Many of the photos also feature his “squad”: a pair of Rottweilers, and a ragdoll cat. Apparently Manny is so fascinated with his owners’ GoPro camera that whenever he sees it, he reaches out, allowing for the perfect shot!

Even though Manny looks like the leader of the gang, it turns out that he isn’t officially part of the household at all! According to his humans, “he is a stray, that is very intelligent, thinks he’s a dog, follows us on walks, and is very, very friendly to humans.”

If you’re as inspired as we are by Manny’s strong selfie game, follow his Instagram page @yoremahm to stay up to date with his latest adventures!

Here are a few more of our favourite posts from his account:

Featured image via @yoremahm.

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Philippa & Daisy

Philippa & Daisy

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