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‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ Wins Hero Award


The former winner of World’s Ugliest Dog has now gone on to win a prize for his work as a therapy dog.

While his bald head and body have caused him to be likened to Harry Potter‘s Dobby the House Elf, it looks like Mugly has won the hearts of the Great British public, after winning  the “Most Heroic Hownd” prize at the National Pet Show for his work as a therapy dog.

Mugly’s story is truly a case of rags to riches. He first shot to the heights of canine celebrity in 2012, after he was awarded the coveted prize of “World’s Ugliest Dog” by a panel of human judges. But prior to that, the unlucky pooch had had a hard start to life, after he was abandoned in the street by a breeder at just three days old. He was taken to a rescue shelter, where he was picked up by his owner, Bev, who fell in love with the pup’s unconventional beauty!

Since his crowning in 2012, Mugly has gone on to become a therapy dog. Among his voluntary experience, Mugly has worked with children, people with sensory loss, and disabled adults. He volunteers at a library in a “Paws and Read” scheme, where children read to him to help boost their confidence.

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