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This Romanian Cat Is Putting Us All to Shame with Her Super Chic Instagram Photos


Meet Pitzush, the real life glamour puss from Romania, whose fierce Instagram photos are taking the internet by storm!

8-year-old Pitzush was rescued when she was a kitten by her owner, Roxana Dulama, after she was found cold and starving in the street. The former stray was nursed back to health by a vet, but had to have most of her teeth removed before she could go to her new home, where she soon found her calling as a meowdel!

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Roxana says that Pitzush can be a bit of a diva on set: “The photo shoots with Pitzush are not very easy to pull off and it can be a long process. I have to start by putting a necklace on her and then give her treats before adding the dress.” And don’t worry – the fake eyelashes are added in later with Photoshop! Occasionally, Pitzush’s photos receive a bit of backlash from online commenters, but, as far as Roxana is aware, Pitzush remains unfazed by the haters (because she’s a cat).

Since finding Instagram fame, Pitzush’s life has changed dramatically from her early days as a street cat. She’s been featured on Buzzfeed and in Cosmopolitan (to name a few), and she’s racked up over 22,000 followers on her Instagram page!

Here are a few more of our favourite posts by Pitzush!

Detail! #pitzush

A photo posted by Puss In Glam Pitzush & Shaya (@pussinglam) on

If you want to keep up to date with the most purrtiest cat in fashion, you can follow Pitzush on Instagram at @pussinglam.

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