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Bark in the Park: The Pet Event To Get Excited About


Take some time out this half term to do something really spectacular.  If you fancy getting your pooch active or watching other talented dogs get their groove on, More Than is putting on a free event called ‘Bark in the Park’ that’ll keep you and your pup entertained.

The event takes place on the 27th October 2016, doors open at  11:00am  and close at 4:00pm. It’s right in the middle of half term which makes this the perfect family outing. The event will take place at the South of England Event Centre near Hayward Heath which is just an hour away from London.

It’s a free event but you will need a ticket to get in as this is going to be an event all doggies will want to get their paws on.  There will be things to keep everyone entertained, dogs and humans alike.

For humans there will be food stalls, face painting, bouncy castles and demonstrations of the latest pet products.  Whilst there’ll be plenty of things for you to do, you’re not going to want to miss the doggy events. Some of the competitions are cat related, however you unfortunately cannot bring your moggy with you. Instead you can cheer on the kitty talent already present at the event.

Here are just some of the things your four legged pal can get up to, if they do well they could win a dog biscuit medal:

100 Meter Toilet Unroll:

How many times have you watched a video of a cat unrolling the toilet roll and destroying it? Well now there’s a competition for it and whoever unravels the most in a minute will be crowned the winner!

Professional Post Shredder:

The postman always delivers an exciting surprise (especially if they’re our PawPost boxes!), but now your dog’s letter shredding has a purpose. Enroll them into the Professional Post Shredder competition, the more letters shredded the more points won!

Most Excited Welcome Home:

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work and seeing your pup yapping at the door. The event promises to take greetings to a whole new level, so make sure your dog is prepared.

Massive Mud Dump:

It’s happened to everyone, you’re out walking your dog and suddenly they see a massive mud puddle that they just have to jump in.  Dogs will be judged on the amount of mud on their fur and on their owner, so humans need to  come prepared.

Any donations made at the event will go to RSPCA Trading Limited. The event will also be photographed and the pictures will be shared on More Than’s social media and in their marketing.

If you’d like more information as to how to get there, please see their website.

Featured Image via More Than

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