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6 Healthy treats to spoil your dog with this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a great time for family members to get together and whilst our pets are considered part of the family, they (unfortunately) can’t be part of the thanksgiving feast.  Whether you’re visiting family that has dogs or want to keep your own pups happy, here are some great treat ideas to keeps their bellies full and their minds happy.

1. Alfie and Molly Turkey Treats, £2.99

When you’re gathered around the dinner table with the turkey as the centrepiece, you may feel a paw pad at you with puppy dog eyes. Instead of giving in, treat your pup to these hand baked treats made from 100% natural ingredients. It’s easily digestible so it’s perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies.

2. The Innocent Hound Sliced Duck Sausage, £4.95

Your dog may look at the trimmings and whine, but they’re not for him! Instead keep to the holiday theme and serve some delicious sliced duck sausage with cranberry. Made with 80% real British meat and locally sourced, you can’t go wrong really.

3. Venison Bones, £5.50

Thanksgiving can be a meat fest, but don’t give your dog just any old bone. These Scottish Red Deer bones are 100% natural and air dried to perfection. They’re gluten free and hypoallergenic and they’re great for medium to large dogs.

4. Mutts & Hounds Wool Carrot Toy, £16.99

If you just need a good way to keep your dog distracted whilst you tuck into your meal, this carrot toy will work for you. It keeps with the thanksgiving theme and makes your pooch feel like they’re eating what you are. It’s made from 100% wool and natural dyes.

5. Huxley Hound Beetroot Treats, £3.99

Don’t forget the vegetables! Pups may aim for the protein but they need all the nutrients veggies can provide for them. This new British brand uses an optimum vegetable dehydration which locks in all the goodness, so your cool canine can get five times the goodness compared to regular vegetables.

6. Lilly’s Kitchen Chicken and Turkey Casserole, £2.19


Instead of just treating your pooch, how about just giving them a great surprise altogether? This chicken and turkey casserole from Lilly’s Kitchen will satisfy your pooches’ Thanksgiving cravings.  Made from whole pieces of meat, fruits,  organic brown rice and vegetables.

Featured Image via Hello Traveler 

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