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6 Ways to catproof your Christmas tree


Setting up the Christmas tree can be a great event for any household, but in a house beholden to cats it won’t last long. Cats are extremely curious when it comes to the tall green things in our living rooms, a curiosity that could become a catastrophe. Never fear, here are some great tips that’ll keep your Christmas tree upright for more than five minutes.

1. To tree or not to tree?

The type of tree you buy makes a difference in if your cat chooses to attack it or not. It’s safer to go for a fake one as pine needles can be hazardous to a felines health. If you can opt for a smaller sized tree, that way if it does fall down (and it probably will) there won’t be too much mess to clean up.

2. Remove all nearby launch pads

Cats are versatile creatures, they can use any type of furniture to jump off as a launch pad. So it’s best to keep the area around the tree fairly vacant, so that your moggy doesn’t get too tempted to attack the green giant in its house.

3. Foil their plans to destroy the tree

It’s a well known fact that cats aren’t too keen on the sounds of foil and the way it feels on their paws. By placing some foil around the base of the tree you could be saving the life of a well loved tree. If the tin foil isn’t working, try spraying the sheet with something sticky.

4. Decorate accordingly

If you think your moggy is going to initiate a cat attack on the tree, it’s best to not decorate it with baubles and trinket that could easily break. Opt for plastic baubles and felt decorations instead, this way if your moggy does decide the Christmas tree isn’t their best friend, your decorations are safe.

Tinsel is another thing you may want to avoid this Christmas. Cats love eating shiny objects and injesting tinsel could have serious health complications. If you do choose to use it, make sure there’s always someone around to make sure your cat doesn’t get tied up!

5. Beware of the lights

A lit Christmas tree is a classic, but in a cat household it may be more difficult. As many cat lovers know, our four legged friends love making their own chew toys and electrical cords are no different. Be sure to keep all cords away from the eyes of your moggies.

6. Deterring scents

Use your cat’s impressive sense of smell against them by layering the bottom of the tree with scents they can’t stand. Fortunately this doesn’t mean you’ll be stinking up your house with awful smells, but rather nice ones.

Cats don’t like citrus smells, so peeling and orange and placing the peels at the bottom of the tree is a great way to keep them off it. They also dislike eucalyptus, citronella and winter green, so a gentle spray of any of the things will keep your tree in tact.

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