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For Cat Lovers

20 Cats on Instagram that made our 2016


Instagram has given us the gift of photo sharing, so now we’ve got a whole catalogue of kitty pictures to look at whenever we want. We’ve found the best kitty pictures posted this year so you can remember how cats are too good for this world.

1. The world’s prettiest present.

2. Accessorised to perfection.

3. This wonderfully wrapped kitten.

4.  Double dose of cute.

5.  Or three.

6. Flower model.

7. Wear your heart on your fur.

8. A mum and her kittens.

2016.12.5 おはようごはんだよー #ふくファミリー #ふく家ごはん#ふくあば2回目の朝ごはん

A photo posted by Fuku20160815 (@fuku20160815) on

9. The best kitty valentine.

Hammy got you a rose…but take it quick because flowers weird him out… #mustachecat

A photo posted by – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

10. Who says cats are afraid of water?

11. Who doesn’t love a good snuggle?

12.  We’re thankful for this thanksgiving kitty.

13. Why get a bouquet of roses when you could have a basket of kittens?

14. A wonderful winter wonderland.

Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder! ❄️☀️❄️ Alexandr Pushkin

A photo posted by Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat) on

15. And the winner of the cutest bunch of foster kittens goes to-

Old picture of all the kittens #fosterkittens

A photo posted by Oregon Foster Kittens (@daisycatphotography) on

16. When you have to think about your resolutions.

17. Fashionable four.

Because black goes with everything. #blackcatappreciationday

A photo posted by Serena Boleto | Philadelphia (@veggiedayz) on

18. Why give a cat treats when you could give them more kittens?

19. This dapper duo just HAD to make the list.

20.  And finally this laid back cat is how we’d like to spend the rest of the year.

Featured Image via Joy Reactor

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