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For Cat Lovers

8 GIFs of cats enjoying the snow


Winter’s settling down and in some places it’s already started snowing. Our feline friends find snow a magical experience , especially when the snow is taller than them!

1. It’s always good to hop in.

2. Some would rather just stay inside.

3. It’s a nightmare when the snow is taller than you.

4. But it’s a great way to polish those football skills.

5. Even though the ball has a way of disappearing.

6. Kitty shaped snow angels are always a hit.

7. But nothing comes between a cat and their treats.

8. Just be careful no one sees you slip.

Featured Image via Smile Post.

About the author

Maryam, Louie and Maria

Louie and Maria are siblings that could not be more opposite. Louie prefers chasing after sticks, whilst Maria prefers sleeping. They both enjoy their owner Maryam's lap to sit on and sometimes fight over it.

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