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For Cat Lovers

12 New years resolutions your cat is making


New years resolutions aren’t just reserved for humans, cats can have some too. Whilst we make resolutions to improve ourselves, cats make them for different reasons.  Here are just a few resolutions your cat might be making behind your back.

1. “Take more cat naps.”

2. “Show the dog who’s the boss around here.”

3. “Remind everyone that everything is mine.”

4. “Try out a new look.”

5. “Invest in more catnip.”

6. “Be more polite when asking for affection.”

7. “Consider becoming a model.”

8. “Learn to fly.”

9. “Try walking on two legs.”

10. “Smile more.”

11. “Maybe try yoga.”

12. “Let my human slave  know I appreciate them.”

Featured Image via Wallpaper Safari

About the author

Maryam, Louie and Maria

Louie and Maria are siblings that could not be more opposite. Louie prefers chasing after sticks, whilst Maria prefers sleeping. They both enjoy their owner Maryam's lap to sit on and sometimes fight over it.

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