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This Photographer Did What With Peanut Butter?


If the internet has shown us anything, it’s that capturing our pets at the right moment can create hilarious photos. Photographer Ty Foster is not new to the idea of funny dogs, but decided to take this idea to the next level. He’s shooting dogs in the middle of a good lick and the results are hilarious and adorable.

Ty Foster, like the rest of us, enjoys laughing at the hilarious expressions dogs make. It was in fact the absurd faces our pooches pull that made him want to do this shoot.

This project was rightfully named ‘Lick’ and features over 100 dogs, all different breeds, pulling funny and cute faces to the camera.

Foster told Petapixel that “one of the driving reasons I work with dogs specifically is they’re always genuinely expressing how they feel”. He also says the personality within each dog is “reflected in the portrait” and is the part he enjoys the most.

With the help of some good old fashioned peanut butter, Ty was able to keep the dogs licking for a whole minute describing it as “children trying chocolate for the first time.”

You can tell, these pups look as happy as a kid in a sweet shop!

Featured Image via Ty Foster

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