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5 Tips on Preparing Your Pooch for Autumn

Depending on what region you live in you may be experiencing cooler temperatures and an array of colorful leaves. All the signs that Autumn is here.

But did you know with the changing of the season brings some things you will need to do for your canine companion?

Read on for some helpful tips on preparing your pooch for Autumn.

Tip # 1 – Continue to Prevent Those Fleas & Ticks

feral dog scratching for ticks and fleas

feral dog scratching for ticks and fleas

We may think that once summer is over, we can put away those flea and tick treatments. Not so fast! These parasites can get worse in the cooler months, so keep up with the flea preventatives.

You may also want to avoid piling those dead leaves up as fleas love to congregate in warm, humid areas away from the sunlight. The same goes for tall grass. Keep it mowed to prevent the fleas from crawling up the shoots and jumping onto your pet.

Tip # 2 – Keep ‘Em Warm

Dog Mops. Dog walking in bad weather. Warm clothes for dogs

Dog Mops. Dog walking in bad weather. Warm clothes for dogs

Dogs can feel the cold, too, so keep ’em warm when the cooler temps come-a-callin.’ Small short-haired breeds, such as a Chihuahua, will feel the dampness and colder air, especially at night.

Be sure to grab a cute sweater to keep Fee Fee warm when out doing her business. A rain-slicker also comes in handy for those long coated cuties to help keep them dry on rainy days.


Tip # 3 – Beware of Autumn Toxins

For humans, Autumn may mean a time of change. We change our lighter clothes for heavier sweaters, and we may also change up the fluids in our vehicles. Unfortunately, there could be two potentially dangerous toxins lurking in our quarterly change-ups; mothballs and engine coolant.

If you use mothballs to eradicate pests, be sure to keep Fido out of reach of these smelly objects; they can be toxic if ingested.

The same goes for engine coolants. Read your label to see if your brand contains ethylene glycol. If so watch your pooch as this is highly toxic to canines. If you can change your brand to one that contains propylene glycol instead, this is less toxic to animals. In any case, make sure you clean up any spillage to ensure your dog doesn’t accidentally ingest it.

Another Autumn toxin is rodenticides. These are designed to be palatable to mice and rats, but once ingested it is fatal. Unfortunately, some pets are also attracted to these substances, which can cause severe poisoning if consumed.


Tip # 4 – Watch Out for Mushrooms & Conkers

A collection of brown chesnuts

A collection of brown chesnuts

Although 99% of all mushrooms are non-toxic, the 1% can be deadly. When walking your canine companion, especially in wooded areas, watch out for these fungi. Some dogs will eat anything that tickles their fancy; when it comes to mushrooms, they can be highly toxic.

If you suspect your pooch as consumed a mushroom, contact your veterinarian immediately. It would also be helpful to take a sample of the fungi if you know which one was consumed.

Also known as the Horse Chestnut Tree, the seeds from this autumn beauty contain two toxic chemicals; glycosides and saponins which can be toxic to dogs. Another problem with the conker is the seed itself is covered in a tough picky casing. This could pose a choking hazard.


Tip # 5 – Keep Fall Decorations Out of Reach


Artificial flowers, wreaths and other fall decorations can make any hum-drum home come alive with the colors of the season. They can also come filled with all sorts of pet-hazards. Wires that hold a flower’s shape can cause lacerations to the mouth of a curious pup.


Any objects that can fit into your pooch’s mouth could pose a possible choking hazard. When it comes to any decorations, be sure to have them well out of reach or firmly secured from those prying paws.


Be Prepared to Let Autumn Reign


Fall can be one of the most glorious times of the year, be prepared to let Autumn reign by following our helpful tips. Whether it be preventing fleas, dressing your pup up for warmth or avoiding those toxic items, your dog will be ready to enjoy all the cool “leaf-crunchy” days ahead.





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Alexandra Seagal

Alexandra Seagal

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